Learning Strategies is a licensed centre in Vietnam offering a range of specialist educational, behavioural, and psychological support services for children, adolescents, and adults. LS has been operational since 2011 with a small and growing team of national and international practitioners, all of whom are experienced and qualified.. Our mission is to ensure we focus on providing the best team, with experienced management and monitoring, in combination with teamwork and collaboration, to bring the best results.

We offer assessment and intervention services for both children and adults experiencing challenges in a wide range of areas including cognitive/academic, behavioural, language, emotional, social, and motor skill development as well as individuals diagnosed with autism and related developmental delays.

LS also provides support services in the form of parent training and professional development workshops, consulting, and advisory services to schools, NGOs, and other charitable services and to families from a wide range of socio-economic backgrounds.

Since 2011, we have expanded our client services from Vietnam to the South East Asia region and the Middle East. In Vietnam, we provide services to Vietnamese and Foreign Nationals in Vietnamese and English.

Our Principals

Our primary aim is to ensure our clients are provided a tailored, thoroughly planned, and highly professional approach to meeting their needs that maximises outcomes with the best in evidence-based practices.

At Learning Strategies we offer a consistent and managed approach that emphasises the importance of team work, collaboration, and meeting or exceeding international standards. We continuously develop all areas of service delivery.

Our principles of professional practice and services include:

  • We provide services designed for our clients requirements which are both comprehensive and multi-disciplinary – using experienced professionals in clinical psychology, clinical and applied behavior analysis, functional communication training/speech and language intervention, and mainstream and special needs education.

  • We emphasise evidence-based treatment. We use research based approaches, provided by skilled and experienced specialists who gather and employ data. We firmly believe that this combination is essential for successful services and real outcomes. We also emphasise providing clear and meaningful data based progress reporting – understanding the importance of parents and clients understanding proposed and real outcomes.

  • Expert oversight and direction to maximise learning, outcomes, clear communication within the team and to the client, and consistency in implementation.

  • We understand the challenges and critical nature of contextual cultural and social understanding. Our clients values are at the centre of service delivery. It is the responsibility of the team to understand and adapt to the local environment. We accomplish this with multi-cultural teams, and with professionals who have extended international and in-country experience.

  • The international standards of professionalism we use include the American Psychological Association, the Behavior Analysis Certification Board, and Applied Behavior Analysis International

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